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Fulbari Resource Center

Situation of children, youth and women
Nepal is one of the lowest developed countries in the world, where live very poor and disadvantaged sections of the population. After the ten years lasting civil war is Nepal since 2006 in a constant new political orientation. Since 2008 the political parties works on a democratic constitution and is until now not successful. So from the viewpoint of the poor and disadvantaged people all political energy goes to political quarrels between different parties at the charge of effective activities against the social emergency in the country.
Malnutrition, a lack of jobs and sufficient income maintenance and common violence in the society and especially against women, youth and children are some of the most observable problems in the country.
The poor people have a very low chance to get education and information what would be the basic background to change their life, because they are fully engaged to secure their livelihood.

Nepal’s democratic process is in transition with the development of new constitution. The interim constitution 2007 has promised the rights of children, women and disadvantage people but its implementation has yet to be realized. Policy makers and government officials including social workers and teachers are aware and looking for alternative methods of education and new approaches.
The mission of Children Nepal  
The mission of Children Nepal (CN) is to serve the poor where public assistance is not available or not sufficient. In its social work since 1995 CN all the time worked on the most necessary needs of its clients. By its engagement for disadvantaged children and their families is CN already in contact with the poorest social classes in the Nepalese society in Pokhara area.


  • We are on the half way to establish Fulbari resource Centre Project.
    •    We have accomplished many things for it. We brought 32 Ropani (1.5 hector) land in Dhikurpokhari village. Kaski District, 20 km away from Pokhara. As the land is connected to Baglung highway, but bit sloppy, we made access road to main facility area. We have established fresh drinking water system- bringing water from nearby forest, we have built temporary store rooms & toilets and office and handicaps house. Furniture and equipment for  office and handicaps house has set up.
    •    We also made road up to the upper part of the land and complete the land labeling to build Dormitory and Multipurpose building.
    •    The construction of two types (4 and 8 cubic feet) of bio gas plant has completed.
    •    Cow and vegetable farm is under construction.
    •    Staff members and families have been working on clearing the land, gardening, vegetable, fruits, and flowers.
    •    For more info please visit www.children-nepal.net.np/fulbari

When the clouds scatter, the location prodvides Fulbari residents a stunning view of fishtail mountain; a scenic landmark appreciated by Pokhara residents and Annapurna Trekkers alike.

The program’s central objectives are:
1. Establish the Fulbari Community Resource Centre to provide, in the short term, a training facility for the Fulbari Outreach Program, and in the long term, a self-sustaining and income-generating resource centre which funds the continuing outreach work.

2. Implement the Fulbari Community Outreach Program, for nutrition education to pregnant women, employment opportunities for women and youth reduce violence and abuse of women, youth and children.

3. Establish self-funding training programs to sustain the Fulbari program for at least a further 15 years and develop a Fulbari network for broader advocacy working on a national policy level, with a greater information-sharing.  Paid training workshops on issues related to child protection, participation and inclusion will be based on individual needs.

All three objectives will be simultaneously worked on to ensure that they are met within the targeted period.
The centre’s Long term objectives are:

– To improve the living condition of pregnant women, excluded children and their families.

–  To reduce the abuse and violence on children, youth and women in homes, schools and communities.

–  To create employment opportunities for youth and women.

– To create a long-lasting impact on the society and in the future be a role model for the whole country of Nepal.

Main functions of the centre include:
Accommodation for 50 people
Information centre/Library
Training centre
Yoga and Meditation Hall
Seminar Hall
Meeting/sharing outreach workers/community members
Demonstration centre
Farm for organic vegetable, fruits, milk, herbs

Eco friendly implementations:

Food- promote local and organic food through traditional cooking methods
Energy- increase use of biogas, solar energy, and natural light
Waste management- organic waste will be used for compost and biogas, non-organic waste will be reduced, reused, and recycled.
Construction materials- use of local resources as much as possible
Construction- minimize destruction of nature by construction small, decentralized housing.

How you can Help?

By establishing the Fulbari Community Resource Centre/Fulbari Outreach Program, and creating a self-sustaining foundation, we hope to create a lasting impact in our communities and beyond.  Many of our supporters and donors have already funded and ensured funding for different components of the project.

However, this is a heavy burden we cannot manage by ourselves. We welcome the international community to join hands with us, to help us jump-start the momentum, so that our children will live in not just a safer local community, but an international community woven by like-minded people striving for peace and prosperity

Volunteering – Assist us with your  skills (e.g. construction,workcamp, healthcare and education)
• Donate
• Raise funds to support
• Become a partner for the project or aspects of the project
• Tell your friends, family and co-workers about CHILDREN-Nepal and the Fulbari Community Resource Centre

And we hope that you, too, will join us in our endeavor.

“…if a parent tries to understand his children he will not hide behind the attitude that because I am your father you have to obey me…”

               –   Only Love, Sri Sri Daya 

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