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Organizational Values

  • Mobilization of local resources

CHILDREN-Nepal (CN) is deeply committed on optimal use of local resources for the maximum benefit to the targeted communities.  It always strives to maintain the highest standards of sustainability of its works in the communities.

  • Environment friendly

The CHILDREN-Nepal (CN)is very much aware on environment and its negative impact on communities if it goes imbalance hence focus on environmental friendliness in each activity. 

  • Accountability/ Transparency

CHILDREN-Nepal (CN) is always accountable for transparency of its various activities and all financial transactions.  It tends to be responsive to community needs, align with government priorities and policies and meeting the expectations of resource providers. e.g external or internal donors.  Moreover, all the program activities and corresponding budget allocated for that particular program are transparent; anyone at any time can have access to this information, if requested.

  • Empathy with poor and marginalized

CHILDREN-Nepal (CN) is highly committed to rendering the selflessness services and dedication to the poor, vulnerable and marginalized groups within the target areas.  It seeks to understand the real situation and needs of the marginalized groups within the community.

  • Integrated Equitable participation

CHILDREN-Nepal (CN) members and staff are committed to work with high integrity by demonstrating transparency in both financial and program matters. Honesty and trust and fulfilling the commitment at work are key parameters of its success.

CHILDREN-Nepal (CN) intend to put more emphasis on the excluded and marginalized sections based on gender, caste, ethnicity, economic status and geographical situation in order to contribute towards creating a just and equitable society. Particularly, CHILDREN-Nepal (CN) wants to eliminate all forms of discrimination based on gender, caste and ethnicity at work place and in the communities by encouraging participation in planning and decision making.

  • Mutual respect

CHILDREN-Nepal (CN) believes in the respect of dignity, rights and duties of every individual within and outside the community.  We seek mutual respect among its members including the staff, all government authorities and individuals in the targeted communities to promote all sense of harmony.


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